Software for Companies for easier work-flow management

Iolite Litigation Management Software transforms the office of the IP Owners, In-house Counsel & R&D team paperless.

Iolite Litigation Management Software is a powerful tool to manage Litigation cases for different jurisdictions efficiently. Management of due deadlines can be met accurately and a centralized case repository can be created. The Software allows the user to store and manage the complete case details i.e. Case Description, Court, Title of Litigation Case (X vs. Y), Opposition party & attorney, etc. The complete processing, storage & retrieval of case documents is carried out from the Iolite LMS making the work of the in-house legal team highly simplified and productive. Manage all deadlines i.e. Hearing dates with ease and accuracy and mark them closed once completed.

Iolite LMS is integrated with the Courts using an Artificial Intelligence Engine which can retrieve all updated information and status from courts. The next hearing dates and status can be fetched for the given case on a real-time basis making the handling of hearing dates swift and smooth.

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  • Centralized Litigation Case docketing software
  • Graphical Dashboard for Task alerts, Daily Administration and Accounts
  • Comprehensive customized reports and graphs with export to excel facility
  • Task Dashboard to manage allocated task, hearing, form, etc. filing deadlines
  • Dashboard with pending task alerts with one click transfer to case dockets
  • Single Screen Case Dashboard
  • Manage Litigation Case details, documents and allocate work anywhere any time
  • Auto Reminders to in house counsel & legal teams for upcoming deadlines
  • Role restricted access to the in-house counsel, legal staff, and attorneys
  • Manage case/docket documents and allocate work anywhere at any time
  • Automated Reminders with configurable templates
  • Facility to store expense invoices and record receipts of payment
  • Allocate Task for managing deadlines to Staff
  • Create customized milestone list and specify due dates for each milestone and their status
  • Add & manage ad hoc follow-ups for reminding the staff
Upto 50%
Men Power Decrease



An Informative Task Dashboard displaying the list of pending prosecution and personal deadlines, and a specially designed calendar view displaying important deadlines like Hearings, Filing of Documents and Follow-ups with a facility to export these deadlines to excel sheets for a given period. A personal diary to maintain appointments and meeting schedules.


A highly comprehensive Dashboard for displaying the litigation life cycle stage based Reports to users integrated with Charts highlighting the stage by stage detailed view of the Litigation portfolio with Bar and Geo Charts.


Iolite LMS allows users to create all groups of companies and divisions under which the litigation case is classified. The software provides role restriction of access as per division and subdivision classification. Users can also set up all filing division of the company across the globe who carry out the litigation case.


Store, process and retrieve complete Litigation case information, deadlines, and documents right from the day of filing the litigation application to the interim filing, caveat application filing, hearing and order of the litigation case in the centralized litigation repository making the work-flow of legal department highly simplified, productive and smooth.


You can create, define & manage master's rules to configure workflow providing highly scalable software for future amendments.


A centralized litigation case docketing repository allowing you to store and retrieve all the documents, deadlines, and details from anywhere at any time.


Create tasks for different jobs that are to be carried out during the filing of a litigation case. Manage all given tasks, reallocate tasks if needed, and mark the task as completed on the completion of the task using Iolite LMS.


Store, view, and update hearing dates and their status for litigation application with ease and accuracy.


It allows you to generate comprehensive and customized reports and export data to excel.


Facility to set up auto-reminders for pending deadlines & submission for client and staff. Setup preformatted templates for reminders and also define the frequency of the repetition.


View comprehensive litigation case information, deadline, and documents on a single screen.


Manage expenses incurred during IP filing. Docket all invoices received from IP agents and record payment of expenses.


The outlook plugin extension allows users to docket emails and attachments from the outlook directly into the litigation case dockets.


Store upcoming follow up with clients, team members, and courts for any pending task. The Follow-up section allows users to set up ad hoc reminders which would remind them about carrying out specific tasks on a specific date.


Create Customized Milestone templates based on different types of litigation cases. Apply any milestone template on the litigation case and set due dates for each milestone and update their status to completed once the milestone is reached.