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Our team is friendly, talkative, and fully reliable.

IOLITE is driven by smart, dedicated and highly skilled IT professionals focused on providing world class IT solutions. Professionals at Iolite have versatile programming skills and vision to develop multi-tier, object oriented database applications. Offers prompt and efficient customer services and keeps it’s long list of happy customers.
The bright engineers from leading institutions of India serve as Project Leaders on assignments dealing with cutting edge technologies. We at IOLITE believe in nurturing bright minds. We are action oriented, focused on ensuring our clients get the results they desire.

A qualified Computer Engineer from renowned University having experience of more than 10 year in developing ERP for various industries. He directly looks after all the technical aspects of the company.

Project Head (IP)

Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering from a reputed institute and having an experience of about 6 years. A self starter and self motivated having expertise in the coding and documentation for the development of the softwares.

Project Head (School)

Bachelors Degree in Information Technology with an experience of 5 years in research, analysis and versatile programming skills in the field of ERP development.

Project Head (IT Consultancy)

His sharp skills of R & D helps in designing best techniques to be used at all stages in the development of a software product. Based on his research he offers new technology and methods to be adapted for designing and development of World Class IT Products.

Operations Head

His dedication towards work, management skills and vast knowledge of different managerial operations offers the best services to clients and making mark in the industry.

Finance Head

A Qualified Chartered Accountant having experience of more than 25 years in Finance, Legal & Board Levels assignments including forging Joint-Ventures and other relevant areas.

Business Development Head

Having a Masters degree in Sales & Marketing from a well - known institution, she has rich skills in understanding the requirement and providing strategic inputs for development of products with the trending market scenario.

Admin & HR Head

She has the proven skills and expertise in allocating resources to different departments or projects, employee benefits administration, hiring and termination, maintaining ethical principles in the workplace