Software for Companies for easier work-flow management

Traditionally legal departments of corporate monitors trademark status and updates from the IPO website regularly. To carry this task the legal team manually goes through each trademark application detail to get the new deadlines or updates. This process is a very labor-intensive & tedious task that involves manually updating deadlines in excel sheets.

We at Iolite strive to make the business flow process Simple, Swift & Accurate. Iolite Trademark Monitoring & Watch services help corporate to overcome this difficulty with the high accuracy result. At iolite using Artificial Intelligence based Softwares, we track the upcoming updates and changes in the trademark applications. Not only do we employ Artificial Intelligence to track the changes, but the AI engine is also trained to read documents and populate deadlines from the dates in the document given you seamless integration with IPO updates and deadlines.

We at IOLITE carry out monitoring of Trademarks for Major IPOs like
New Zealand
Costa Rica
South Africa
and Many More.
  • Receive Email alerts on change of the status of your pending trademark application & oppositions.
  • We would provide email alerts at all important stages during the life cycle of the Trademark Application.
  • Formality Check Pass / Fail
  • Examination Report / Office Action Issued
  • Trademark Accepted / Advertised
  • Hearing Notice Issues
  • Registered
  • Declaration of Use pending for Filing / Filed
  • Opposed
  • Renewed
  • Rectification / Cancellation Filed
  • Order Received
  • Refused
  • Removed
  • Withdrawn
  • We would provide email alerts at all important stages during the life cycle of Trademark Opposition.
  • Trademark Opposition Notice
  • Counter-Statement
  • Evidence / Affidavit Filed by Applicant and Opponent
  • Hearings
  • Order Received
  • Not only do we monitor the status changes but also if any documents or deadlines are updated on the IPO for your trademark application we intimate you via email
  • The AI engine employed by us is capable of reading the document pdf uploaded and generating deadlines for you accurately.
  • Reduction in manpower cost for our client by eliminating the task of reading the updates and downloading the new documents and updating excel sheets with new deadlines from IPO as the AI engine does this all and automatically sends the updates to their email ids making the deadlines management an effortless process.