Software for Companies for easier work-flow management

Searching a Trademark on an IPO website is a very time-consuming process and in the end, the user has to convert the data available from the IPO website into a word document and format it. Moreover, searching in various classes takes a huge amount of time for the paralegal as the paralegal goes search by search class by class and at the end compiles the report. To produce the result search file requires a huge number of manhours. We at Iolite understanding this problem of a legal team to search have come up with a Brand Search which does all this in minutes and generates the search report in an excel sheet which can be further filtered and modified if needed.
  • Combination of several searches link Match with, Start with, Contains, Phonetics, etc in just a few clicks
  • Search for 1 to 45 classes with each
  • Generate results in an excel sheet with images of the trademarks also.
  • Several reporting ways to generate customized reports for searches performed.
  • Highly reliable trademark details with the latest status.
  • Automatic Search Report generation in Excel for 1 to 45 classes if the client needs a separate result.
  • This search can also help you keep a watch on any new trademark filed by any other applicant with their brand name in any class which can be taken from the software periodically.